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  • Kathryn Patterson

Poem: "The Labyrinth"

I went to go exploring The Labyrinth I had found; In a dark cavern hidden by the river Exposed only on tide ebb. I told my uncle about the Labyrinth. He pontificated on the dangerous discovery, Presenting me with a dour picture of my looming destruction. I told my aunt about the Labyrinth. She uttered a few ersatz cachinnations Before turning to my uncle to discuss their arbitrage of the morrow. I told my mother about the Labyrinth. She fluttered around the dining room Ignoring my statement as she served polyglot cuisine. I told my brother about the Labyrinth. He flaunted a convoluted concoction concerning the creation of caverns In a flamboyant attempt to appear erudite to his girlfriend. I told my father about the Labyrinth. He winked at me, promising me a grand adventure, Before falling into a drunken stupor. So I went to go exploring The Labyrinth I found. The silence promised to listen to my story as I strolled. The shadows promised to watch me as I went down new paths. My lantern provided my comfort as I wandered round and round. I decided that I had found my new home.

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