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  • Kathryn Patterson

Paypal Subscriptions - Do you know what you've subscribed to?

Last week, I cancelled an account with an online merchant, and they kindly told me that I needed to cancel my Paypal subscription.  After a little reading in Paypal's help pages, I found what I was looking for and more. I did not realize that I had several companies set up under "My preapproved payments", a list that includes subscriptions, automatically billed payments, and installment plan payments.  On top of the subscription I needed to cancel, I found Big Fish Games, which I assume was set up when I bought one game from them, Sears Holding Company, and a few other companies.  I immediately cancelled everything that I didn't actively want, and decided that I would check my preapproved payments lists more regularly. If you're wondering what you've authorized as a "preapproved" payment, you can follow these instructions. 1. Log into Paypal. 2. Look in the bar under the tab My Account, hover your mouse over Profile, and click on My Money.

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