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  • Kathryn Patterson

My Thoughts on Rush and His Rants

Yes, I know that everyone and their Uncle Tom are talking about Rush Limbaugh and his incredibly messed up rants about Sandra Fluke.  But I want to point out a few things:

  1. Amazingly, another wing nut listened to Sandra Fluke's testimony and made the crazy leap from "contraceptives are fundamental to my life" to "she wants to get paid for sex." Rush simply picked up that phrase and ran with it.

  2. The terms "slut" and "prostitute" were actually not the worst thing that Rush said.  How scary is that!!!  If you listen to his entire rants on this subject (not something I'd suggest on an empty stomach), you realize that every word out of his mouth disrespects Ms. Fluke and women in general, whom he refers to as "Femi-Nazis".

  3. American tax dollars do not pay for private health insurance.

  4. Americans do pay for people to have sex - it's called maternity leave and paternity leave.

  5. Rush, a supposed voice for the conservatives, strongly suggested that a woman post pornography on YouTube.  *bangs head on wall*  Seriously?

  6. American tax dollars do pay for oil subsidies, while we pay almost $4.00 a gallon at the pump.  American tax dollars paid $3.2-4 trillion for our military involvement in the Middle East in the past 10 years (Brown University, Costs of War project).  American tax dollars pay Congressmen an average of $165,200 dollars a year in 2006 while the media income for regular folks in 2010 was $41,673.83.  And you're worried about birth control pills?

  7. Viagra is covered by health insurance.  

Enough said.

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