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A Philosophical Poem

Life is all about the boxes.

People physically live in boxes.  

Actually, people live in boxes that are organized into boxes.

They also use boxes to...

  • drive

  • hang pictures

  • hold their stuff

  • store food 

  • wash dishes and clothes and themselves 

 Sometimes people even eat out of boxes.

People also figuratively live in boxes.  Everyone has

  • an Individual Box of Morality

  • a Societal Box of Morality

  • a Government Defined Box of Laws

  • a School/Work Defined Box of Rules

Some people have even more boxes, based on religious or spiritual beliefs

Stress is when an individual wants something outside of their boxes.

Happiness can only happen when living comfortably inside the boxes.

And when all is said and done, a person dies.  When they are then put into a box and buried in the ground.

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