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What is Poetry?


What is poetry?

Lines of text, typed in a document

Or scrawled on a page in ink, carbon blood

I write poetry

to tell the world how I feel

What I think

To express those things that prose

simply cannot adequately convey.

Sometimes I write in cutesy rhymes,

Iambic pentameter keeping the time

With fairies, hearts, childhood dreams,

Filling up the paper, bursting out at the seams,

Sometimes I SCREAM at the world

Castigating the selfish evil

That plagues good people

Ripping apart lives 

With greed.

Sometimes I whisper untold truths

That no one wants to hear

About Death, the end of things,

about the little child inside crying

about holes of darkness 

waiting for one misstep

one wrong move...


That is why I come here,

To free my thoughts

Give comfort to those which stay hidden by day

GIve flight to those which rise up to the sun

Will you join me?

Tear off the scabs of your heart

and pour your blood down on the page

Let loose the foul beasts of your soul

To rampage, agitate, run amuk 

among the tangled web of your thoughts

I do not promise that I will laugh,

I do no promise to cry,

I promise no sighs,

But this I do promise...

I will listen.

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