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  • Kathryn Patterson

Welcome to 2016

Okay, I know that it's almost the end of January, but the beginning of a year is a rather arbitrary concept.  Think about it:

1 month = 4 weeks 1 year = 12 months 1 year = 52 weeks 
12 months = 48 weeksWhat happened to the extra 4 weeks?  I watched a video on YouTube where Dave Gorman proposes a 13 month calendar.  While he's doing a comedic routine, I have to agree with a lot of his reasoning.  I've always wondering why the names of the months don't match the number of the month in the year.
septem = 7                BUT           September is the 9th month octo = 8                                        October is the 10th month novem = 9                                    November is the 11th month decem =  10                                  December is the 12th monthIt turns out ancient Romans only had 10 months in one of their first calendars; when they realized that the year needed more months, they added January and February to the beginning of the year, thus displacing the rest of the months. The thing is, throughout history people have changed the calendar when it becomes obvious that the standard calendar is incorrect.  The Romans changed the calendar; Julius Caesar changed the calendar; even Pope Gregory changed the calendar into what we use today - the Gregorian calendar. So why don't we do the same?  Why not move the months back to their logical place according to their name and add another month?  Or maybe think of 13 new month names based on Arabic numbers? I know that there are a myriad of problems in the world today that need help, from starving people to terrorism to wars to nuclear threats to racism.  But if we can get people to work together and agree on a new calendar, maybe we can use that effort as a diplomatic jump-off to start on the harder problems.

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