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  • Kathryn Patterson

Traveling Rules for a Family

To those who don't know, I am a *big* fan of the Free Range Kid movement.  I feel that society artificially pumps up the fear in every situation that involves children, until children themselves feel scared to go outside.  

Well, I work hard to get my kids' ready for the world and not scared of society at large.  I even follow the Free Range Kids blog.  The following rules and responsibilities appeared in the blog, and I love them so much that I am passing them on.

Ambler Family Travel Rules and Responsibilities

  1. It’s good to talk to strangers.  The outside world is full of them.  The place you don’t have to deal with them is at home, which is where people who can’t cope with strangers will stay next time.

  2. Each traveler is responsible for finding things to be excited about, and sharing that enthusiasm.

  3. If the enthusiasm of others embarrasses you, pretend otherwise.  Being cool is dull, except in a sports car.

  4. Unusual foods are part of the point.

  5. Staying home is usually more comfortable than traveling, but traveling is more interesting.  Prioritize well.

  6. Travel disruptions are normal and a good way to show your readiness for more challenging adventures.

  7. Remember that your dislikes do not make interesting conversation.

  8. Wash your hands.  You have no immunity to foreign germs.  Throwing up is not interesting.

  9. You have travel in your future that you can not even imagine.  Adhering to these guidelines makes you eligible for such travel.

Patterson Amendment:  Always try to use the toilet when stopping the car.  We really will get there faster if we stop fewer times.

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