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Poetry: Election Dejection

The heat of summer

Fries the pavement,

Wilting flowers 

While sucking dry Any ambient moisture.  

Election season rages on, despite this heat. 

Or the resultant drought. 

Or earthquakes in Iran. 

Or current economic troubles or triumphs.  

Election season rages on.

Lies pile onto lies,

Burying the Truth

Until the truth is no longer.

Mudslingers, naysayers, accusers, 

Political pawns willing to sacrifice their own morals

For a chance at 15 minutes of fame.

Or to be the next Sarah Palin.

Doesn't everyone want an obnoxiously colored bus with their name on it?

Local elections in July

Chase down independents,



Each one vying to get a vote

For their Favorite Cause,

Favorite Candidate,

Favorite Bill.

But no one stands willing to listen to others,

Engage in a real debate,

Reform opinions based on facts,


The lies of the elections

Pervade and Pervert 

That which they lie for.

The Preamble to the Constitution

Now tells its own lie.

We have no justice,

No domestic tranquility,

No common defense,

No general welfare,

For ourselves or our children.

The Bill of Rights

Now tells its own lie.

We only have rights

IF the government does not declare us terrorists.

One statement,

One word,

And we lose every right.

They say that Evil only prevails

If good people do nothing.

If good people look the other way.

What are you looking at now? by Kathryn Patterson, 

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