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  • Kathryn Patterson

New Thanksgivings Tradition

A few years ago our school board wisely chose to give the kids a week off for Thanksgiving.  We visited my parents during the week long break, and discovered that November is the perfect time to go to Florida!  The weather is nicer, the beaches have room on them, and overall it was one of the most relaxing vacations ever. After that wonderful vacation, my parents have extended us a standing invitation to visit them in Florida for the Thanksgiving break.  Over the years, we have added events to the schedule, such as an annual visit to the beach.  This year, though, we're starting a new Thanksgiving tradition:  cooking!! Okay, okay, I know that most people cook on Thanksgiving.  But this year everyone will be contributing at least one dish to the dinner table.  My son will be making mashed potatoes.  My daughter signed up to make a pumpkin pie.  My husband is contributing a loaf of that wonderful zucchini bread for dinner and Hungarian coffee cake for breakfast.  My dad is even getting in on the act, making a corn casserole.  Mom and I will be getting the remaining dishes done. I know that this might seem a little silly, but I like having Thanksgiving traditions that involve everyone.  This particular tradition encourages the kids to learn how to cook, how to plan meals, and how to cooperate when figuring out meal assignments.  This tradition also means that there won't be just one person in the kitchen slaving over the dinner.  Everyone participating means the workload is spread out. I will let you know how well this tradition works out.

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