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  • Kathryn Patterson

How Congress Created Occupy Wall Street

I know lots of people who ask, “How can so many people participate in Occupy Wall Street (or Occupy Portland or Occupy Atlanta...)?  Don’t these people have lives?” The short answer is no, they do not have lives.  And that’s the point. The Occupy Wall Street protesters don’t have lives.  They don’t have jobs, money, security, or a way in the foreseeable future to obtain any of these intangibles.  Some even have families that depend on them, but with no income, how can they raise the next generation to be productive members of society?   What most people fail to see is that these protesters don’t have much to lose, and that’s why they are protesting.  On top of wanting the American Dream, they really don’t have anything substantial to lose, but everything to gain if change occurs. The American government, by allowing the “elite few” to run business and corporations without oversight, created these protesters.  By having multi-millionaires run Congress (and therefore give tax breaks to everyone in their own tax bracket), the government passes laws favorable to multi-millionaires, virtually disenfranchising 99% of the population.  After all, when the two candidates for any position in Congress represent the same 1% of the population, does it really matter who you vote for? Protesters are created when regular, ordinary people have nothing to lose by protesting.  And that, my friends, is where far too many citizens of our country are right now.

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