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  • Kathryn Patterson

Guest Poet: My Dad

Today, I'm featuring a poem by my Dad.  I hope you enjoy it!!!

“Of Destiny”

According to one explanation

kismet falls to predestination;

no one opts for hell

nor heaven as well,

negating a rite exculpation.

Some will chose predestination

to posit a flee from damnation;

the thesis herein

courts virtue with sin

and thus begets justification.

What value is there then in pleasure

if one has no merits to measure,

what’s good or what’s bad,

what’s joyful or sad

are factors all humans may treasure.

Though tissues of life are unknown,

We color the weaves as our own;

and it may appear

we simply are here

to harvest the seeds we have sown. Copyright 1982 by Christian M. Yoder

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