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  • Kathryn Patterson

Freaky Friday News: September 9, 2016

North Korean Bans SarcasmYes, you read that correct.  This week, North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un decided to ban sarcasm because he worried that people only agreed with him ironically.  That is "according to reports" because we all know that he would never admit to such a thing out loud. I'm caught between laughing and cringing at the absurdity of this latest edict.  It can be hard to tell the difference between sarcasm and sincerity so I wonder if this is just justification for killing more people.  I mean, it's not like people have a sign saying "Sarcastic!" pop up whenever they say something sarcastic. This also reminded me of an early scene in the movie "Roxanne".  I included it here because, well, it's funny.

Donald Trump Might Get Kicked Off the Ballot in Minnesota

Another New Parasite Named after President Barack Obama

This past month, the Journal of Parasitology published an article about a new type of parasite found in black marsh turtle and southeast Asian box turtle -  the Baracktrema obamai.  Thomas Platt, one of the article's authors and a now-retired researcher from St. Mary's College, admires President Obama and wanted to honor him. The Baracktreme obamai joins the following other animals named after our current president:

  1. Paragordius obamai (parasite)

  2. Caloplaca obamae (lichen)

  3. Obamadon gracillis (dinosaur)

  4. Aptostichus barackobamai (trapdoor spider, pictured below)

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