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  • Kathryn Patterson

Freaky Friday News: September 16, 2016

There is No Harambe McHarambefaceLast week, online newspaper and other media outlets carried a story about a Chinese zoo attempting to name a baby gorilla.  This zoo supposedly held a poll and asked the Internet to suggest and vote for a new name.  The overall winner was... Harambe McHarambeface.  The Chinese government decided to use a different name for this baby gorilla's Chinese name, but allowed Harambe McHarambeface to be its English name. While this is a nice, lovely story, it never happened.  Someone just punked the media by publishing a fake news story in a fake newspaper.  And instead of checking out this story, people simply passed on the fake news. *sigh*  And they wonder why people don't trust media these days.

Russia Bans Pornhub??The Russian media watchdog agency Roskomnadzor announced this past Tuesday that it is banning Pornhub and YouPorn.  Mind you, they didn't ban all porn sites, just these two.  I have yet to find a real reason for this particular ban. If this was in the U.S., I would get it.  We have a bad case of religious poisoning when it comes to sex, gender, and anything related to sex or gender.  At this very moment, there is a religious campaign to stop people from masturbating, using such lovely quotes as "You can't climb the ladder to Heaven if your hand is full of penis".  Or by stating that a girl who masturbates isn't a virgin. The idiocy of the entire campaign blows my mind. But I could at least understand a ban against pornography here.  Of course, I also believe that the religious freedom fighters would get rid of the ban faster than you can say "pornography" because a plus for living in America is freedom of speech. Anyway, Russia is now trying to ban these websites.  The way this works, a court will review the ban and either approve of it, keeping PornHub andYouPorn banned, or disapprove of it, allowing PornHub and YouPorn to be seen again. from The Moscow Times

A Moral Porn WebsiteAlexis Arquette, a transgender woman, died of HIV-related complications this past Sunday.  On Monday, a piece of slime offered up a private sex tape of Ms. Arquette to the highest bidder.  But before someone could publish this tape online, in comes!  xHamster to the rescue! is a smaller porn website, but one with a working conscience.  They spent $25,000 to acquire all copies of this sex tape, and then destroyed them all.  Why?  Because the people running the website liked Ms. Arquette as an actor (Pulp Fiction, The Wedding Singer), respected her LGBTQ activism, and thought only a scumbag would attempt to cash in on someone's death. Rest in Peace, Ms. Arquette.  We've got your back.

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