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  • Kathryn Patterson

Election Day: A Story of Our Future

The beginnings of Our Great Nation lie in the swollen muck pile of the old United States of America.  That country, once a world power, sunk into the fetid abyss of money and power until the average person slaved for a mere pittance while the so-called leaders lounged on the broken backs of the bony workers.  Hope attempted to rise several times, but each time Hope turned False and the Common Man suffered for wanting to Dream, for wanting to have his Fair Share.
Historians argue whether the rich propaganda machines, called political parties, pushed the public into vacuous complacency, or whether the public simply gave up.  We have evidence for both sides, but what matters is not why people abandoned their civic responsibilities, only the fact of the abandonment.  
In Year Zero, the people had the chance to vote for their leadership.  Historians agree that the top leader was called "President" though most areas had slightly different candidates for this position.  Also, other positions seem to be present on most ballots, though we found little consensus what this other positions represent.  
At the end of that vote, less that half of the people actually fulfilled their civic duty to cast a ballot.   Less that half  - a number so low that were it not for ample evidence no one would believe it.   
 What followed is not up for debate, since we have first hand accounts starting the day after the voting.
Our Founders waited until the day after the voting, until the lack of care or concern was certain,  to make their move.  Starting in the old capital, Washington D.C., they seized control of the government, using fear to ensure cooperation from the surrounding locale.  From the capital, they spread, first going north and east in the Great Battle of New America, then south on the Trail of Blood, and finally west to fight the Battle of Useless Liberty.  These battles are detailed in the next six chapters, while the theory behind how the Founders triggered the San Andreas fault to destroy the West Coast is covered in Chapter 20.
After The War, the Founders began their campaign to reeducate the populace, teaching them how to work smarter, to respect each other, to respect themselves, and most importantly, teaching them about their civic duties and social obligations.  The Reeducation Process took several years, but in the end Our Great Nation surfaced from the chaos to be the land it is today. 


Please don't let this become our future.  Please vote.

Thank you.

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