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  • Kathryn Patterson

ECP: Call to Arms

Maybe I should have said a call to keyboards and cell phones.   Yesterday, the Cobb County School Board voted to include a new calendar option on the agenda for the next meeting.  This means that we, the community, have a new chance to let the school board representatives know how we feel. Now, I believe in Albert Einsteins’ definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  So, if nothing had changed in the school board since February, I would not be writing this at all. But several things have changed since February.  School board members have been called in front of the grand jury to explain their actions.  SACS asked for a review, then told them to get training.  So the school board has gone through training, to help them not only learn their own policies better, but to help them learn how to function as a school board. What does this mean to us? It means we have a chance to work with the school board to get a calendar acceptable to everyone.  It means that maybe, just maybe, the school board members will decide to represent the voters of Cobb County.  But only if they know what the voters of Cobb County think. So, please, I beg of you,  contact your school board member and let him or her know what you think about the new calendar option.  You can call.  You can email.  You can send a letter through snail mail; use semaphore, telegraph, smoke signals.  Just contact your representative with your opinion.  After all, it is your right and responsibility to let your representative know your opinion on this matter. To make it easier, here are the email addresses and phone numbers for all the school board members:

  1. Post 1 - Lynnda Eage,, 404-697-9562

  2. Post 2 - Tim Stulz,, 678-773-1877

  3. Post 3 - David Morgan,, 404-702-1857

  4. Post 4 - Kathleen Angelucci,, 678-896-6399

  5. Post 5 - David Banks,, 404-725-3394

  6. Post 6 - Scott Sweeney,, 678-646-2470

  7. Post 7 - Alison Bartlett,, 404-702-9291 For snail mail, semaphore, telegraphs, and smoke signals,  use the district office: 514 Glover Street Marietta, GA 30060

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