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  • Kathryn Patterson

ECP: A Call for Geeky Art

I am a geek.  I love my new Android tablet!  My husband and I wired our house for Ethernet, even though we also set up a wireless router.  I watch Nova ScienceNOW, and I research the shows afterwards.  I get the NASA newsletter, then I drag my kids to astronomical events, though “drag” is the wrong word because my kids are geeks too.  We discuss things such as how frozen water on the moon increase our chances of setting up a successful moon base, and how thorium/fluoride reactors solve the power problem, being so much safer than uranium reactors.  Plus thorium is abundant not only on Earth, but on the moon and Mars as well. And for shopping, I love!!!  This place has everything for geeks - coffee mugs with a caffeine molecule on the side, T-shirts that proclaim “Stand back!  I’m trying science!”, replicas of the 10th and 11th Doctor Who sonic screwdriver...  For the record, I prefer the sonic screwdriver that Tenant used - it includes an pen snub with invisible ink and an ultraviolet light to view message written with such. Last week, issued a call for geeky art.  They received a letter from Christina Nemeth, who is currently stationed overseas with the Air Force.  Christina would like to decorate her boring, plain office walls with pictures of monkeys!!  Monkeys - The official mascot of! So I am passing this call on to you, East Cobb.  If you have artistic skills, or you just like to draw monkeys (though other primates are welcome), please consider sending something to Christina.  She can use all the monkeys and cheer that’s available.   Contact information is in the blog.

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