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  • Kathryn Patterson

Boxes, a Piece of Philosophical Poetry

It's all about the boxes. People begin life in a box, a special box within their mother. People grow up in boxes, a box for education, a box for reading, even a box for sports. Afterwards, people stay in boxes both literally and figuratively. People literally live in boxes, drive in boxes with wheels, and sometimes even eat out of boxes. People also figuratively live in boxes. Everyone has their own box of Morality which delineates what is Allowed and what is Forbidden. The best boxes are the ones you give yourself.  Looking to an outside force to define your boxes inevitably leads to untenable situations and stress. Stress happens when a person either deeply wants to do action outside his box, or actually does an action outside his box. Boxes change shape and size as a person grows, as a person matures. To stop change is to stagnate. Stagnate long enough and you die... After which your body is put into a box. Because it's all about the boxes.

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