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  • Kathryn Patterson

And... She Still Doesn't Get It

"I don't owe anyone an apology." She went on to admit she would apologize to the students, but since she was standing on a corner during school hours, that was just ...lame. She doesn't get it.  Ms. Hardin missed the fact that her needs are not more important that everyone else's needs, that obeying the stop sign on the school bus meant respecting the students and the community and that stopping isn't optional.  Ms. Hardin doesn't understand that she hurt the community, and that she owes everyone an apology, or at least an admission of guilt. Of course, this is only over in the technical sense.  Ms. Hardin now has to live in a community where everyone knows what she did and who she is. So I ask, do you think that Ms. Hardin will ever learn?  And what do you think she'll learn? 

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