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  • Kathryn Patterson

A Google A Day Keeps the Neurologist Away... least if the current theories on stopping dementia are correct. Yesterday, I discovered a new game from Google called A Google a Day.  If you go to the website, it will look like a regular Google search page on top, but there is a separate section on the bottom.  Every day, starting on December 1st, Google puts up a new question in the bottom section.  The point of the game is to use Google search to find the answer to the question.  If you guess wrong, click on "Hint"and the game offers you hints.  If you just cannot find or figure out the answer, click on "Full Answer" and the game tells you not only the answer, but also the search terms used to find the answer. I realize that Google wants to help people increase their Google fu*, but I find this particular game, well, fun.  I love learning new information, and so far I have learned something interesting about the Muppets, NASA, and crocodiles in Europe. The only problem I've encountered is the question "Today you turned 35 on earth. How old would you be on Earth’s twin planet? (Disregard the extra days from leap years.)" You see, this question does not say what unit they want the answer in, years or days, which is important because on Earth's twin planet a day (as defined by one rotation around its axis) is longer than a year (a rotation around the sun).  The answer needs to be in years, for those of you who do this question. Other than that one problem, I have loved going to A Google a Day and discovering a new nugget of knowledge.  For those who want to stop dementia or just get better at Googling, I hope you enjoy this as well. * Google fu is the geek term describing a person's ability to use Google to find information.

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