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  • Kathryn Patterson

"Alien Imposters" by Key and Peele

Okay, this is supposed to be my Wordless Wednesday contribution, but seeing as how this is a video and I'm commenting on it, it's not really 'Wordless'. First, you need to watch the video.  Go on, I'll wait. Now, I admit I like Key and Peele.  They are incredibly intelligent and humorous, and all of their skits that I've seen have underlying, serious messages. This video is no different. While laughing at how the men determined who was an alien, I also cringed because our society still has a large streak of racism that permeates basically everything.  The problem is I don't know of a way to get rid of that racism. I think part of the problem will (sorry, Mom and Dad) die off with older generations, people who grew up before the Civil Rights Movement.  I know a lot of older people who try to overcome their racism, but it's difficult to change something that's based in childhood. But what about newer generations?  Are we still teaching racism without meaning to? I hope that by pointing out the absurdities of racism younger generations will learn to treat everyone as equal.  Not separate, just equal.  I think that's how the social prejudice against homosexuality have receded.  I know my own kids don't understand why anyone even cares if a person is straight or gay. I guess I want a faster answer than "When enough time and generations pass, racism will die out." Until then, I'll laugh (and cringe) at Key and Peele.

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